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Change is in the air….

Published February 23, 2015 by MisMandie

Things in my life have been changing fast this year.  Some changes are small some are large, some were planned, some were not.  Change is just a part of life so we will roll with it and make the best of things that have come.

That said, I have a dear friend who recently started using more natural methods for just about everything.  Normally I would politely listen to her ideas and be supportive because she was so excited about it, but this time, I actually started to think….that makes sense.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not going vegan, I am not 100% organic, and I am not going to turn my back on modern western medicine… BUT I am willing to give some of it a try.  1 small change at a time I will take you through my journey.

So here we go….

Today I made my own Fresh Orange Cleaning Spray.  It was so simple that is is actually sad that I have been paying for it!  First I made my little one her favorite after dinner snack… oranges!  This time though, instead of throwing away a big bowl full of peels, I took them and stuffed them into a spray bottle I got for $1 then poured some vinegar over top and closed it up!  All you gotta do now is give it a shake and wait…. in a few days it will be ready to to use!   REALLY, that’s all it takes!  It smells great, is virtually free and takes so little effort it is laughable… not to mention there are no chemicals so even the kiddo can help around the house without having to worry about her berating it in!

The other new thing I started today is just as simple, I promise!  I started saving my used k-cups instead of tossing them in the trash!   First off…why would I want to do this? Well there are a ton of things you can do with them if you check out this blog you can get some more ideas…  For me, I am going to use them as seed starter cups.  So first you will want to get a bowl or bucket with a lid.  Now starting at the puncture hole pull off and discard the foil top, then dump the used grounds into your bowl and reach in with your fingers to pull out the filter paper…toss that into your bowl as well.  Now just wash your hands and give that little plastic cup a rinse and you are done!  See, I told you it was easy!  You have now accomplished 2 things: 1 you have a cup that you can fill with soil and start yours seeds in, and 2 you have also started a compost pile and you haven’t spent a penny to do it!!  Y ou will eventually need to transfer the contents of your bowl to a compost bin, pile, or container outside in some fashion, but that is a blog entry for a warmer day… for now we will just keep the bowl going! 🙂

For a TON more information like this and all sorts of other natural ways of living, check back here often, and check out Shari’s Pure and Simple.  She is simply amazing!!!!  Find Her on Facebook here.


Treasure Box – A 5 min craft project for kids of ALL ages!

Published September 5, 2012 by MisMandie

What you will need:

  • Cigar Box or similar (most tobacco shops will give you one free of charge if you ask!)
  • Pretty Duct Tape or Contact Paper
  • Foam Stickers (or normal stickers)

What to do:

  • Cover the lid inside and out and the sides of the box with your duct tape or contact paper.  I Used a beautiful butterfly print duct tape, but after all the stickers were on, it looked a bit busy so a simpler base might be better, but she still loves it! 🙂
  • Now let your little on go nuts peeling and sticking all over to make it their own.  They will work on their fine motor skills while making something that is just for them.
  • Now fill it up with all your little one’s treasures and have a blast!

Turn Maternity Tops into Toddler Skirts – Part 1

Published March 21, 2012 by MisMandie

This is Part 1 in a series to show you how to turn your Maternity Wear into Skirts & Dresses for your Baby or Toddler!

For this post we will be turning 1 shirt into anywhere from 2-4 Skirts for you little one. (How many you are able to make will depend on th original shirt size and new skirt sizes and length desired)

What You Will Need:

  • Maternity Tops (or you can make these using any fabric you have)
  • Sewing Machine and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Elastic in strips that will fit around your child’s waist comfortably
  • Lace, Trim, Ribbon, Buttons to embellish (All optional!)

What To Do:

  • First measure you child or one of their skirts that fits them and measure your shirt to find the best placement of your cuts to make your skirts the length and fullness you desire and decide on a layout so that the patter (if applicable) is where you want it.
  • Cut across the Waist line leaving you a large ring that is already hemmed at the bottom and on 2 sides.
  • Cut up the side seams of the shirt and then cut in 1/2 across the width so that I had 4 Strips of material out of your 1 shirt (plus the top section which I have yet to find a use for, but Keep an eye out as it will be coming soon)
  • Because they are maternity the front of your shirt will be wider than the back section and it will also taper and get wider at the bottom so I was not able to make a skirt out of my top back 1/4 that was big enough for my 2 year old, but was able to use the other 3.  (The section not used was added to my small project stash, but I may just make it into a smaller one for a friend’s daughter who is younger and smaller than mine…not sure yet)
  • Now your Bottom 2 pieces will already be hemmed on the bottom so you will just have to sew a pocket for the elastic  and  a hem to close up the back seam. — For your top sections you will need to create a straight hem on the bottom then the pocket for elastic on the top and up the back seam.
  • **Sewing your pocket – Fold over the top of your skirt about a 1/2 inch and sew at the bottom of the pocket leaving a 1 inch gap unsewn at the end.  Now attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and work it though the pocket gathering until you reach the opening again and then stitch the ends of the elastic together and close up the hole.
  • **Alt: You can also skip the pocket and stitch the elastic in place (this was my choice as it requires a little less material).  All you need to do is start at one end of your piece fol the top of your piece over just enough to lineup with the bottom of the elastic you are using and make 4 stitches back and forth to secure it in place.  Now stretch the elastic to the length of your material and sew with a zigzag stitch and be sure to back stitch at the end to lock it in place. (I used a triple zigzag stitch as it is more durable)
  • Now you can add any establishments you like! Ribbons, Lace, Embroidering, Applique, anything you like…To see how I made the Ribbon Flower check out the post here.

Tip: If you need to add length to your skirts or even pants look for a lace or eyelet trim like I used.  It is pretty and functional adding a summery girly touch to your projects.  It comes in sizes for 1/4 inch to 4 inches and can go a long way to extending the life of your little ones clothes!

Magnetic Makeup Board

Published March 3, 2012 by MisMandie

What you will need:

What to do:

  • Glue magnets to the back of each item you want to hang (being sure not to cover up the color name so you can replace it when needed)
  • Some items are heavier than you may think so adding 2 magnets for those items is recommended – I learned the hard way when 1/2 my make up fell on the floor during my placement test so double check over your bed this way if your fall they wont break!
  •  While those are drying hang your command strips on the surface you will be using and let sit for about 5 min.
  • Now you are ready to hang your pan and put the now magnetic makeup on them!
  • You can decorate your pans in many ways if you like, but being that mine are hidden in a cabinet that only I and my husband see I didn’t see the point.

Ideas for decorating:

  • Spray glue fabric in place over to cover
  • Spray paint the pans (be sure to lightly sand then first so that it will stick)
  • Stickers
  • Add a Frame
  • Use hot glue to make a design and top with glitter
  • Fake Flowers
  • Bows

Hair Clip Organizer

Published March 3, 2012 by MisMandie

What you will need:

  • Picture Frame – Remove Glass and Backing (I had one with a broken glass)
  • Ribbons (any sizes and styles)
  • Hot Glue Gun

What to do:

Turn your frame face down and decide on your ribbon layout.  You can run them horizontally or vertically depending on your preference.  Once you have chosen your layout glue all of your ribbons to the right side of your frame (the lip on the inside of my frame was very thin so I used an unsharpened pencil to push it down into the glue.  you will want to place glue on the inside lip (what the glass rested against) up the side and then on the back as shown in the photos.  Keep in mind you will want to trim your ribbons so that the edges don’t show when you turn it over.  Once you have tacked down all the ribbons on one side of the frame begin on the other side being sure to pull them as taught as possible.  Once dry you can add on your hair pins and hang in your angle’s room! 🙂




Dry Erase Board Makeover – Great for Crayons or Washable Markers!

Published March 2, 2012 by MisMandie

I used to have a very large office style board that was 1/2 Dry Erase and 1/2 Cork Board that was very much functional, but not very pretty…Well after I stopped using it and it sat in the basement for YEARS I decided to pull it out and make some use out of it.  I already posted my cork board makeover  so now it is time to show you what to do with the whiteboard.   I decided to give it to my little one to use with her Crayons, (washable crayola markers work well on it too) but it had some sharp corners and was not pretty at all.  Walking around Kmart the other day I found some foam shelf liner (see picture) and it finally hit me.  So here we go….

What you will need:

  • White Board
  • Hot Glue Gun and LOTS of Glue sticks
  • Foam Shelf Liner or Thick Fabric

What to do:

  •  Cut the material you are using 4 times the width that you want to show in the front.  For me that was 3 inches (the exact same width as my ruler that came with my cutting board – not coincidental).  For the short sides you want it to be the same length as your board for the long sides add about and 2 inches to the lengths.
  • Fold each side in to meet in the center as shown above and glue in place working in small sections leaving a small gutter in between.
  • Using plenty of glue and working in small sections hot glue the short sides on to your board first.  It is best to do them 1 side at a time ie all the way down the front then turn it over and do the other side all the way down.  Be sure to press firmly and hold it there for a few seconds before moving on to get a good solid bond.  Trying to lay too much glue at a time to make things go faster will only cause you more frustration as it will firm up before it can get a good hold on the material so take your time and do it right the first time!
  • Once you have both short sides done front and back you can move on to the long ends.  See photos for how to wrap, but it is similar to wrapping a gift.  You will want to trim as shown to keep the bulk down use glue for every part of the folding process here to make it as durable as possible.
  • After the corner is done simply continue on the same as before and when you get to the other end repeat the corner wrap.

And you are done!  You have made the board more appealing visually to your child and safer by padding the sharp edges.  If you want to add on any establishments you can do that as well at this time but my little one would just try to rip them off so I skipped it, but if you do be aware of any choking hazards!

Easter Egg Doll Umbrella

Published February 29, 2012 by MisMandie

What you will need:

  • Bottom 1/2 of a Plastic Easter Egg (left over from the egg shell game)
  • 1 Pipe Cleaner
  • Hot Glue Gun

What to Do;

Fold your pipe cleaner in 1/2 and twist them around each other to add stability.  When you get to the ends bend them in so that they overlap and make a flat surface. (see photo) Add a generous dollop of hot glue to the inside center of the egg shell and push in the pipe cleaner flattened side down.  Now just curl the handle end to make a J shape or twist around the hand of your dolls.  Once it is cool you are ready to play!

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