FREE PRINTABLE CALENDAR – October 2014 – Trick ~ Or ~ Treat

Published September 30, 2014 by MisMandie

October 2014 calendar is here!!!!  Feel free to use and pass along if you like for personal use.   I complied and arranged this calendar, but the images are NOT MINE, they were found via internet search and are the property of the image creators.

It is created in Open Office (Word editable) so you can add images and text before printing to keep your little one up to date on the upcoming events of the month. I have a few on there for Em already that you can reuse or delete for her school safety week activities (fire house tour, fire truck visit, and visit from a fire fighter) doctor appointment, craft show, anniversaries for my husband and I as well as my mother/father in law,  holidays, dance classes, school picture day and other events!

Previous calendars have images for art classes, fire hall meetings, doctors appointments, craft shows, dentists, and birthdays, even our puppy Scooter’s Birthday! See Jan Calendar Post ,  Feb Calendar PostMarch Calendar PostApril Calendar PostMay Calendar Post, June Calendar Post, July Calendar Post,  August Calendar Post  and September Calendar Post for additional images and ideas! :)

Download  Oct 2014 calendar Calendar Here



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