Kindergarten Prep Progress Chart

Published January 8, 2014 by MisMandie

As we start to get Em ready for her transition to kindergarten, it is important that she get used to sitting still and staying focused on her lessons.  Since she hasn’t been in a daycare she hasn’t had much experience in the classroom environment as of yet this is the biggest area we need to work on with her.  Thus we have decided that from here on out, we will spend a set amount of time each day sitting at her table working on her lessons starting with a 1/2 hour then working up to a full hour at a time.  Lessons will vary from activities such as:

  • Writing practice with letter tracing pages and her LeapReader writing books
  • Reading practice and phonetics
  • Math concepts such as simple addition and subtraction
  • Geography concepts such as basic map reading skills (north, west, east, south), State shape recognition, and basic concepts of city, state, country & continent

Here is a little chart I have come up with to keep track of how we are progressing toward our goals.  It is built in Word and can be modified to fit your child’s needs! And please remember every child progresses and learns differently, this plan is based on the education level of our child and may not reflect the needs of yours.  Do not force concepts on a child that is not ready and do not slow down a child who is more advanced!  Either one can lead to lifelong learning issues and an overall unhappiness with school and learning.   Just make it fun and let them set the pace. 🙂

Kindergarten Prep Chart   <<<< Download here

Kindergarten Prep Chart preview



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