Simple and Sweet Mother’s Day Gift

Published May 12, 2012 by MisMandie

This is what my little girl will be giving her Grammas this Mother’s Day.  They are accompanied with a note that reads: “This is just a little gift so that no matter where you are, I will Always be right beside you.”

What you will need:

What to Do:

  • Cut the photo to fit into one side of your compact.
  • Apply a generous and even amount of hot glue to the mirror surface and press the photo firmly and smoothly into place.


  • The compacts I used are normal on one side and 5x on the other.  I used the magnified side to place my photo since NO WOMAN wants to see her face that close up lol 😉
  • Here is a link to the cards we will be giving as well since they were so darn cute, I had to share.  Text reads: “Everyone Needs a Fairy Godmother” – “Unless they have you for a grandmother.  Here’s wishing all of your dreams come true this mother’s day!”   ADORABLE!!!!!

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