Play Shorts with Many Style Variations!

Published May 6, 2012 by MisMandie

Today I want to share with you a GREAT pattern set for making toddler and kid size shorts for playtime.  My girl is between a 2T-3T right now and the toddler pattern fits her very well (shortened the elastic just slightly but it has LOTS of stretch so she will get the full use out of them still!) they fall right below her knee when standing and above when sitting – pretty much perfect for playing outside!

Here you will find the tutorials for the various styles:

I made a few small modifications to the basic pattern and here they are:

  • Instead of using jersey/knit material I used a 100% Cotton.
  • Instead of a “ribbed band” for the pocket outline I used a coordinating grosgrain ribbon (1/8″ wide)
  • Instead of a direct sewn elastic waist band, I made a casing out of the same material as the shorts with the waist band pattern piece then folded it in 1/2 right sides out turning the unfinished sides under on the front and back and attached that to the unfinished top of the shorts leaving just enough of a gap in my stitches to insert the elastic and seal it back up.
  • Added a coordinating button to the front center of the waist band/ elastic casing purely for decorative purposes. (no actual button hole sewn!)

There you have it, in about 2 hours you will have an adorable and very comfortable pair of shorts for your little one!  Feel free to play with the patterns, after all no one is going to yell at you if you do it a little differently- that is the beauty of making your own pieces – they are what YOU want them to be!


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