SEWING TECHNIQUES PART 3 – Cutting Fabric with your Cricut

Published April 4, 2012 by MisMandie

I admit it, I have seen several sites that claim it can be done, but was still scared to try it…I worried I’d ruin my beautiful fabric, worried I would mess up my machine…Worry Worry Worry….. but I finally got the courage to try it out tonight and —- IT WORKS!!!!

What you will need:

What to do:

  • Apply the heat and bond to your fabric as per instructions on the package (mine was just iron on with med heat- Very simple)
  • Cut the fabric down to the size you need making sure it will fit on your Cricut cutting mat and place on the mat and load your machine and cut as you would with paper.
  • Now just attach to your project by ironing on.  If you used the light version then you can machine sew the applique for a decorative effect if you used the heavy then DO NOT use your sewing machine as I am told it will gum up the needle and bobbin housing!

Settings I used:

  • Speed:Min
  • Pressure: Med
  • Blade Dept: 6
  • Multi Cut: 3

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