Elmo Party Treat Bags – Can Be Reused After the Party

Published March 5, 2012 by MisMandie

What you will Need:

  • Bags (I used canvas tote bags found here but you can do this with plain gift bags as well)
  • Fabric Puffy Paint – Black, Orange and White
  • A picture for reference

What to do:

You can either free hand your shapes or you can print and cut out your picture as a template and trace around.  I started with tracing then just free handed the rest.  I find the free handed ones turned out better and had less smears from the paper shifting while tracing.  Let them dry overnight then they will be ready to fill.  I used these instead of buying separate centerpieces.  I just placed 3 per table all in the center at varying angles.

Fill with whatever you like, for mine I used

This filled it up nicely but also left plenty of room for the children to fill them with the pinata candy as well so that we didn’t need to have yet another bag for that!  Then they were able to take them home and use them for other things, My girl LOVES to fill them with just about everything she can fit in them and carry them around…


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