Dry Erase Board Makeover – Great for Crayons or Washable Markers!

Published March 2, 2012 by MisMandie

I used to have a very large office style board that was 1/2 Dry Erase and 1/2 Cork Board that was very much functional, but not very pretty…Well after I stopped using it and it sat in the basement for YEARS I decided to pull it out and make some use out of it.  I already posted my cork board makeover  so now it is time to show you what to do with the whiteboard.   I decided to give it to my little one to use with her Crayons, (washable crayola markers work well on it too) but it had some sharp corners and was not pretty at all.  Walking around Kmart the other day I found some foam shelf liner (see picture) and it finally hit me.  So here we go….

What you will need:

  • White Board
  • Hot Glue Gun and LOTS of Glue sticks
  • Foam Shelf Liner or Thick Fabric

What to do:

  •  Cut the material you are using 4 times the width that you want to show in the front.  For me that was 3 inches (the exact same width as my ruler that came with my cutting board – not coincidental).  For the short sides you want it to be the same length as your board for the long sides add about and 2 inches to the lengths.
  • Fold each side in to meet in the center as shown above and glue in place working in small sections leaving a small gutter in between.
  • Using plenty of glue and working in small sections hot glue the short sides on to your board first.  It is best to do them 1 side at a time ie all the way down the front then turn it over and do the other side all the way down.  Be sure to press firmly and hold it there for a few seconds before moving on to get a good solid bond.  Trying to lay too much glue at a time to make things go faster will only cause you more frustration as it will firm up before it can get a good hold on the material so take your time and do it right the first time!
  • Once you have both short sides done front and back you can move on to the long ends.  See photos for how to wrap, but it is similar to wrapping a gift.  You will want to trim as shown to keep the bulk down use glue for every part of the folding process here to make it as durable as possible.
  • After the corner is done simply continue on the same as before and when you get to the other end repeat the corner wrap.

And you are done!  You have made the board more appealing visually to your child and safer by padding the sharp edges.  If you want to add on any establishments you can do that as well at this time but my little one would just try to rip them off so I skipped it, but if you do be aware of any choking hazards!


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